Christmas with Loveymouse and Humblebear

Christmas time is story time

My good friend and former colleague Dennis Strillinger made his debut as an author and wrote a lovely children's story named "Christmas with Loveymouse and canadian casino news Humblebear". It is an imaginative pre-christmas tale about the wishes of three inhabitants of Everwood: Wilburt Pluto, the pug-dog, Benny Beechbite, the beaver, and Hangar, the sloth. We decided to bring this story to mobile devices as a colourful illustrated storybook. Fortunately André Quass joined us and turned the story into beautiful and adorable illustrations. So we started to develop a cross platform mobile application based on Adobe Air and the open source frameworks ...

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Game of Life

Code Retreat

Last Friday I had the opportunity to participate in a code retreat at our InnoGames office. I wasn't aware of the concept of a code retreat before so let me explain shortly what this is about: The basic idea is quite simple. In our daily business we are always under time pressure. There is nearly no time for us to try new things or practice to get better at what we are doing. Reading about code retreats this often gets compared to musicians. When you play an instrument you have to practice a lot before you are good enough to enter ...

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Shopware in a Vagrant box

Over the last days I took a small excursion into the field of web development again, where I worked before getting involved with game development. I wanted to have a look at some e-commerce systems and more precisely evaluate Shopware. To avoid the hassle with reconfiguring my local web server to meet shopware's needs I decided to take this chance and have a closer look at Vagrant. Vagrant is a tool to create and manage virtual machines as development environments easily. It also offers to use Puppet or Chef to configure the operating system of the virtual machine, so you can ...

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Stage3d, Adobe Air and a MacBook Pro

Some time ago I started to work on a small private mobile project based on Starling and Feathers. A strange behaviour kept me busy for quite a time now and I wanted to share my findings. I got started with the project during a longer train ride, so I worked on my MacBook Pro Retina. There was nothing special with the setup, just a simple Feathers project with a provided theme. So, simple stuff. But what I ended up with was this: My viewport seemed to be scaled by factor 2 and positioned in the lower left corner. After fiddling around with this ...

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Moving on

Almost exactly 3 years ago I started to work at Blue Byte, a german Ubisoft studio based in Düsseldorf as a Flash and Flex developer. I had a great time and I learned a lot about online games. Although, after working on two exciting projects, I decided to move on and search for some new adventures. So I will leave Blue Byte in about 4 weeks to join InnoGames, based in the fantastic city of Hamburg. I was pretty excited to start working at Blue Byte, as I knew the company for their famous title The Settlers which I loved from ...

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Successful Insidrrr kick-off

Yes, we made it! We kicked off of our first two insidrrr events and both of them went well! We started with the Insidrrr Day on July 7th in Düsseldorf. With around 70 guests, five great talks and a following get-together in a relaxed atmosphere for chatting and networking, it was a very successful first event. On August 8th, we continued with the first Insidrrr Meetup. The meetups were planned to be shorter evening events with a focus on networking and discussions. So we met at the “Lichterfeld” in Cologne. Having started with a round of business speeddating we led over to ...

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Insidrrr is ready for take off!

It’s been a while since my last post. This might be due to the fact, that we are working hard on setting up our first Insidrrr Day. We announced the Insidrrr project early this year and since then it is really gathering pace. And our first event is just about to come. What is Insidrrr The idea behind Insidrrr grew out of the Adobe Flash Platform User Group Cologne. We discovered, that focusing on the Flash Platform is not enough for us anymore and it seemed, that this was not just our feeling. As the number of technologies a developer for interactive ...

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The Future of Flash and Flex

After reading this title, I heard some people say: “Oh, I didn't know there was one?”. Well, lets see: We all know Adobe didn't really do a good job when they announced dropping the mobile Flash player plugin and contribute the Flex framework to Apache. To be honest, it was a PR catastrophe and it encouraged those propagating the death of Flash to scream even louder. Fortunately Adobe realized that they made mistakes. So they sent their evangelists on a tour across Europe to clarify their plans for the Flash platform and to get back some of their credibility from the ...

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Let’s get this started!

So here we are. I managed it. It really took me some time to get to this point and start my own blog. There seems to be a trend of tech people closing down their blogs and switching over to google+ or similar services. But I think a blog is still the right medium for me to share my projects and thoughts on technology. With the big shift in technology happening right now on the web, there will be a lot to talk about. HTML5 got really hip, the number of JavaScript frameworks out there seems to double each week, Adobe ...

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